Bibliotherapy for Children

June 26, 2012 at 5:00 pm


Got a problem? There’s a book for that.

Bibliotherapy is the use of reading material to provide guidance toward the solution of personal problems or to provide a therapeutic way to broaden and deepen a person’s understanding of a particular personal issue. 

Friends, counselors, teachers, social workers, librarians, parents, and religious officials may all be bibliotherapists. Many people use bibliotherapy without even realizing it–for example have you ever read a book that helped you cope with a problem and then reccommended it to a friend going through a similar life experience? Children can benefit from this tool as well!

Books can provide an excellent way to communicate important information to children about subjects that might otherwise be difficult for them to understand or process. For example, reading a story about a character that is going through a certain experience and learning how they dealt with that experience can help a child to process and cope with a similar issue in their own life. 

In future posts we will be highlighting some different books and resources that can be used for this purpose for a variety of issues.  If you have a child that is struggling with something, i.e. new baby in the house, parent deployed, bully or bullied, loss of a pet, etc., your local librarian is here to help!  Come on in or give us a call so that we can help you in your search for books and other resources that will speak to your child.

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