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June 5, 2012 at 6:53 pm

School’s almost out in Hillsborough County and children are already looking for things to do this summer.  Why not take this time to explore our local wildlife?  The library has many resources to help your budding naturalist:

Though most bird guides are geared toward adults, even the youngest bird-watcher will find a photo-filled guide a helpful tool in their quest to identify their surrounding feathered friends.  A number of bird field guides can be found in our catalog.  Children might also be interested in building a birdhouse to observe these animals.  There are many kid-friendly designs online;  some examples of which can be found on CraftyBirds.com.

The Complete Birdhouse Book : the Easy Guide to Attracting Nesting Birds, by Donald and Lillian Stokes is a great resource for learning about which birds nest in birdhouses, the best location to place your birdhouse and what to do to attract birds to your yard.  Florida is host to a variety of interesting birds including the White Ibis, the Roseate Spoonbill and the Pelican, so get out your binoculars and give bird-watching a try!

Everyone knows Florida has alligators and snakes, but how much do you really know about these creatures that are living in or near your backyard?  Click on the images at left to find some scaly resources.

In addition to the snake resources at left, the Florida Museum of Natural History also has a great online Florida Snake Identification Guide.  Our collection also contains resources about Anole lizards,  Gopher Tortoises, and more!

In the Water
Have a child who loves the underwater world?  Manatees and Dolphins, both common visitors to the Tampa Bay area, always make for popular study subjects.  Search our collection for resources on more water animals including saltwater and freshwater fish, the Horseshoe crab, or how about one of the fifty species of sharks that can be found along the coasts of Florida!

Land Mammals

Otters, opossums, raccoons, key deer and armadillos are among the more commonly seen mammals in Florida.  Have you spotted any of these where you live?

This post just barely scratches the surface of wildlife existing in Florida.  If you don’t see your favorite creature, try plugging it into our catalog to find resources tailored to your interests.

For more information about these and other FREE resources available @ your library®, call (813) 273-3652 or visit http://www.hcplc.org/.


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